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Early Years

EYFS at Reay
Nursery Curriculum Map  
Reception Curriculum Map 
Nursery progression of skills
Reception progression of skills

Nursery Topic Squares Summer 1 - Water
Nursery Topic Squares Summer 2 - Keeping Healthy

Reception Topic Squares Summer 1 - Superheroes 
Reception Topic Squares Summer 2 - Celebrating Us!
Reception SRE Scheme of Work

Children who begin their time at Reay in The Nursery or Reception Class are welcomed as part of the school from the start. Parents are welcomed too and we pride ourselves on our good relationships with children and their parents. Our experienced and dedicated Early Years Team work closely together through Nursery and Reception to ensure children are given the best educational start and develop a life long love of learning.

Learning in the Early Years is mainly  play based. There are untold benefits of play-based learning in the early years, including the development of intellectual skills, thinking and motivation. Play encourages language skills, supports pre-literacy skills, develops social and emotional skills and fosters creativity and imagination.

Children work in small groups to further develop number skills, mark making and writing, phonics, artistic skills, fine motor skills and speech and language skills.

The teachers plan to develop the children’s curiosity and interest in learning. Risk taking is encouraged to make the children into resilient and brave learners. 

Our outdoor space and garden is used at all times. The freedom of the outdoor area sees language skills thrive and discovery and inquiry skills develop. 

The children become independent and confident learners with solid foundations  to build on, sees them thrive as they go through the school. 


We exceed the requirements of the national curriculum with our creative approach to teaching and learning.

We actively encourage speaking and listening to help children make sense of their world and become confident communicators. This is a vital component of all literacy and written work.

We want all learning to be fun and relevant. Our staff work hard to make links between different areas of the curriculum so children find their work is meaningful and connected. For example we use maths to help solve problems and find out how things work, and we also use maths in cooking, design, science and dance.

Children learn how to grow vegetables and how to look after themselves and their environment. We continually update our provision with new technologies ensuring that children are equipped for the world they are growing up in.

Speak to your child's teacher for information about the creative curriculum being followed this term.