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The Governing Body of our school is made up of parents, staff, members of the local community and one appointed by the Local Authority. The full Governing Body and the committees will meet at least once a term. Currently the Chair of Governor role is shared between Joanna Harrison (Co-opted Governor) and Caroline Harrison (Co-opted Governor). 

Link Governors

The Arts Ross Burnett
Assessment Margaret Aird
British Values & Equality Caroline Harrison
Communications Philippa Newman
English/Literacy Joanna Harrison
Governor Training Tuija Sequeira
Health & Safety Caroline Harrison
ICT Eden Hagos
Languages Chris Marley
Maths Paul de la Pena
Safeguarding Tania Hamilton
SEN & Pupil Premium Philippa Newman and Elgiva Field
Sport Ade Ajiroba
STEAM Tom Mylne



Parent Governors

Parent Governors have been elected by other parents and carers in the school.

Paul de la Pena, Eden Hagos, Ade Ajiroba, Philippa Newman (Vice-Chair), Tania Hamilton

Staff Governors

A Teaching Staff Governor is elected by Reay teachers and support staff Governor is appointed as a co-opted Governor by the Governing Body.

Chris Marley, Tuija Sequeira

Partnership Governors

Partnership Governors are members of the local community appointed by the Governing Body.

Tom Mylne, Ross Burnett

Co-opted Governors

These Governors are members of the local community co-opted by the Governing Body because of a particular area of expertise.

Joanna Harrison, Elgiva Field, Caroline Harrison: Co-Chair

Local Authority Governor

This governor is appointed by the London Borough of Lambeth.

Margaret Aird

Clerk to the Governors

Kathleen Formosa

Resources Committee

Ross Burnett (Chair), Paul de la Pena, Tuija Sequeira, Elgiva Field, Ade Ajiroba and Joanna Harrison.

Pupil Welfare Committee

Philippa Newman (Chair), Tania Hamilton, Ade Ajiroba, Caroline Harrison and Chris Marley.

Pay Committee

Caroline Harrison (Chair), Ross Burnett, Margaret Aird, Joanna Harrison and Elgiva Field.

Achievement & Standards Committee Members

Margaret Aird (Chair), Tom Mylne, Joanna Harrison, Eden Hagos, Caroline Harrison and Paul de la Pena.

Information about the Governing Body and its Committees

Instrument of Government 12th July 2017 
Reay Governors Published Information
(Governing Body and Committee membership and Attendance Information)
Governing Body Standing Orders
Code of Conduct
Governors' Allowance Policy